Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dress Up With Callie

When Callie was little she played dress up of some sort almost all the time.  Kate usually plays with Barbies, stuffed animals or is pretending to be an animal.   When they play together, Callie usually ends up dressing Kate and you never know what you will see.  I was unaware of what they were playing this time until Princess Kate came to sit on her throne, but thankfully, Callie had taken these pictures.

Princess Kate with her bubbles

Kate the African girl

Kate the pioneer

Kate the Chinese girl 

Kate the Indian girl

I love it when they play creatively like this.  I wish blogs had been around when I walked in on Callie lying on the living room floor, arms outstretched, nothing on but her underwear.  When I asked what in the world she was doing she said, "I'm pretending I'm Jesus on the Cross" in the most matter of fact voice.  She was probably about 5 or 6 years old.  Oh, she kept us in stitches!!

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  1. Love it! Great work on the costumes, Callie. It's amazing how much she looks like a Chinese girl in that one shot. ;-)