Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 13 Daybook

My other thought for a title was "Puxatony Phil Doesn't Know Anything"

{Outside My Window}  Snow!  Enough to cover the grass and it's still blowing and falling like crazy.  If the old saying about March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb is true then Easter weekend should be beautiful!

{I Am Thankful For}  The return of good health.  No one else came down with whatever I had except Kate was under the weather for just a couple of days and nothing too bad.  She wasn't whiny at all, just wanted me to read to her a lot which of course I was happy to do.

{I Am Thinking About}  This will be my last weekend to work at the antique mall.  Cameron is pretty excited, while I am a little bummed.  I think Callie is bummed too.  She knows her lazy Saturdays are over!  It is necessary though if we are going to get anything done around here. I will miss it.  Maybe someday I can go back.  It will be nice to get some of these long over due, two adults needed projects finished.

On a happier note....Easter menus and Easter weather.  Hoping and praying for a DRY Easter weekend to enjoy our family here.

{In the Schoolroom}  Since the schoolroom is also the sewing room, I'll go that direction.  It's been a productive month in the sewing room.  The girls both wanted red capes.  Callie wanted velvet or something similar and Kate, thankfully, didn't care so I went with fleece for hers.  I really underestimated the amount of fabric that Callie's would require so hers is not at long as she first wanted, but she said she is happy with it.

She is like Jekyll & Hyde when it comes to clothes.  She loves old fashioned things and ideas, but she would gladly walk around in an outfit straight out of Vogue if she could.  Spiked heels and all.

Kate has a new skirt for spring out of some fabric that I've had for years.  My aunt gave it to me when Callie was little.  It has been made into Callie's first Easter dress, a nightgown they have both worn around the age of 5 and 6 and now a skirt.  Not bad for a pile of free fabric.

I was going to make Callie a skirt she had requested out of Sew What You Love, but realized there wasn't enough fabric.  So I am focusing on some more things for Kate to use up more of what we already have in there, then we'll do some fabric shopping and maybe Callie and I both will get some new skirts.

{From the Kitchen}  America's Test Kitchen has taken this house by storm.  Cameron made steak fries to go with our hamburgers on Monday night for dinner.  Not just any steak fries, he actually followed the recipe and fried them twice which I am much too lazy to do.  This morning Callie, mostly by herself, made Dutch apple pancakes for breakfast.  I don't enjoy the show near as much as Cameron, but I am enjoying the fruits of his obsession!  I'm getting some kitchen shears out of the deal too.

{I am Reading}  Nothing new.  I ordered Give Them Grace and have been reading that again and highlighting things through out.  I need to find something new to read, but between watching America's Test Kitchen and season 1 of Downton Abbey (now I know what all the fuss is about!  I haven't been to bed at a decent hour all week thanks to that show!) I haven't had any time to read.  We finished Downton Abbey last night though and I'm not staying up to be tortured by delicious food on TV anymore! LOL

{Around the House}  I'm working on new curtains for the living room.  Using drop cloth seems to be all the rage right now, and economical for large windows, so that's what I did.  Compared to the floral fabric that was up there, it's quite boring, but I think I'm going to put a border around the edges or just at the top maybe.  I just have to find the right fabric.

{One of My Favorite Things}  Seeing the daffodils start to peek through the ground.  Spring will be here soon even if it doesn't look or feel like it right now.

Phone calls with old friends.  I called my college room mate last night.   I'm so glad I did!

{Plans For the Week}  Dinner with a friend, more sewing and some earlier bed times!

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  1. What a fun post to read, Sharron. I love hearing about what's happening in the Cox household. I didn't realize you weren't going to be working at the mall anymore - I'm sure there will be pros and cons. :) The little bulbs coming up are going to be sweet, and I love the fabrics. Most of my fun kitchen things came as a result of Glenn wanting to make something special for dinner. I don't mind at all! :) Hooray for new kitchen shears.