Thursday, May 23, 2013

Perfect Timing

If I had known how "perfect" the weather was going to be this week, maybe I wouldn't have fussed so about now being able to get the garden in earlier this month.  Those weeks, when I was fretting, it was beautiful and sunny and much warmer than the last two days.  So which kind of weather would I rather be outside working in?  Cloudy and cool thank you very much!  I'm much more productive this way.

Kate helped plant some corn

Yesterday was a race against the rain and I won.  I got part of the corn planted, basil and carrots.  The rain only lasted a few minutes and was barely more than a sprinkling, so I could have gone back out, but I didn't. There was plenty to do inside and I didn't want my back to go on strike this morning so I decided to wait.

Today, I will try to get in the rest of the corn, radishes, beets, pumpkins, watermelon (which I don't even really like, but Kate bought the seeds for me) and cucumber seeds planted.

Last year I was so excited because we decided to put a little herb garden next to the house.  I'm not sure if the drought played a part in the lack of success because I watered faithfully, but it definitely didn't get quite enough sun there.  I found a list of veggies that supposedly will grow in part shade and I am going to try planting those in that spot.

I'm hoping to get everything planted by Friday afternoon.


  1. You are so industrious! Can't wait to see the fruit (and vegetables) of all your labors. :)
    I love that cute picture of Kate!

  2. Your my favorite daughter!