Monday, May 20, 2013

Our Weekend

Well we had a nice ending to our week and a great beginning to this week.

Friday night we were able to get a load of manure for the garden (never thought I would include that in a good weekend post! :)  Saturday morning we started our day getting some donuts from a local place that everyone raves about.  It was so packed there was a line out the door and so we just got some and took them back home.  Truth be told, I prefer Krispy Kreme, but those are all gone from our area. (please don't hate me local people)

Callie had a little party to go to and so we picked up one of Kate's friends to bring home with us.  While they played Cameron and I spread manure, compost and tried to get the garden ready for planting.  We planted a few tomato plants.  Cameron mowed which is his favorite job of all.  We ended the day reading stories outside on a blanket.  It was the perfect combination of warm air and cool breezes.  At least to three of us.  One of us had on a winter coat!

Sunday, after church and lunch, we headed to Turkey Run state park to meet up with other families from church.

It was a bit warm and buggy, but we had a great time hiking the trails with friends.  There were quite a few people from about 2 years old up to, well, lets just say more mature people too. :)  We split up into two groups.  The people going on the longer, more rugged trail and the people with younger children going on the "easier", shorter trail.  The first group ended up being one adult with about 10 or 12 teens and pre-teens!  I'm sure he got an earful!

Everyone came home extremely stinky, tired and happy.

*All photos by Callie except the one of her.

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  1. Callie is so beautiful.