Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reading and Crafting

Since I can't show what's in my knitting basket right now and I haven't been sewing anything, I have not been able to join Elizabeth and Ginny for their sewing and knit posts.

I have been reading though and I have been working on something.

A few years ago one of my sisters called and said a friend of hers was giving away a pie safe and asked if I wanted it.  As we are desperate for any kind of storage, I said "Yes!".  It wasn't antique or beautiful, but storage is storage.

I don't remember how long it was before the first door bit the dust.  We tried to fix it, but it was just too far gone and too flimsy in the first place.  So....I ripped it off.  It stood like this for much longer than I would like to admit.

Finally, I got to work.  I took the other door off, sawed off this round thingy in the middle, and covered it with white paint.  One coat of primer and two coats of semi-gloss.

If were going to be filled with table cloths and linens or something pretty I would have left it open, but since that wasn't the case and it's the first thing you see in the dining room,  I decided to hang a curtain on the front.

I've had this table cloth for a while now.  I don't remember exactly where I bought it but obviously I loved the red!  When I was looking through my fabric I couldn't find the right piece in the right size and then I remembered this.  Perfect!  I didn't cut any of it off, just sewed a really wide casing on top. In case I decide to ever change it, I'll still be able to use it as a table cloth.

Ahh, so much better.

One project down, 100+ to go. :)

I guess this does qualify for Elizabeth's Needle and thREAD, since I did hem the curtain!

Speaking of  Elizabeth, I've been re-reading her book Real Learning .  It's such an encouraging book and as I begin to think about planning our next school year it's good to be reminded of a few things.  I could not finish How To Cook a Wolf.   I rarely quit a book.  It drives me crazy that it might get better and what I might be missing, but..... "If you can't say something nice........." :)

I've also been reading Jan Brett's newest book, Mossy.  Multiple times a day. :)  Kate loves this book.  It's a very sweet story about an Eastern Box turtle.  You can't go wrong with Jan Brett!"


  1. Sharron! It looks great! I love it!

    Great job!

  2. Sharron, you are very creative! I love it! The white is just so fresh and clean looking.