Thursday, June 27, 2013

Needle and thREAD

Well I finally got a little inspiration in the sewing department.  When I realized I had some red, white and blue fabric and that the 4th was quickly approaching, I asked Kate if she would like a little dress.  I'm hoping to make something for her hair too and maybe even a top for Callie, but not sure if I'll get to the hair piece or if Callie will even want anything.  I haven't asked her yet.

Kate's will be a simple pillowcase style dress.  

This book.  I'm not very far into it but I will say, he doesn't hesitate to step on any toes!  I think it is going to be very good and I'll say more when I'm finished with it.

Apparently Elizabeth isn't doing this today, but I'm going ahead since I actually have something. :)


  1. The book looks like a good one! Sadly, the copy that the IMCPL has is checked out. Hmmmmm.... :-D

    1. Surely they have more than one! I'll try to hurry. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I originally bought it for myself until Cameron said it looked like I was wearing a quilt. LOL