Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Daybook

{Outside my window}  Cool and cloudy.  Yesterday was very cool.  Who would have thought I would be outside on July 1 working for several hours?!  Today is supposed to be about the same, with the possibility of more rain.  The exact opposite of last summer.  My flower beds are thankful!

Ran out of gas

{I Am Thankful For}Wise friends, willing friends, fun friends, old friends.  I can not imagine going through life with out them.

{I Am Thinking About}Cameron's job and some probable changes.  I'm thinking about it way more than I should be!  One of those wise friends reminded me though, it is God who provides for all of our needs.  Yes, he uses our husbands and sometimes generous friends and family, but it is God who moves the hearts of men (and employers).  It was exactly what I needed to hear and I'm focusing on that and trying to trust Him.  I alternate between trusting and hyperventilating! LOL

{In the School Room}We are just doing a little math and a little reading this month.  I have not done the big clean out yet.  I am hoping to maybe do that this week, but we'll see.  There is another project more pressing.

{In the Kitchen}Lots of cooking as usual, but nothing too exciting.  Nothing is ready in our garden yet although I have learned that something I have been pulling up and throwing out, purslane, is edible and quite good for you.  A friend brought a big bunch of it over and I laughed at how much of it I had pulled out of one of the flower beds.  Apparently it's quite good for you.  I'll put it in a salad and she said they have put it in soups and stir fry.

{I Am Reading} Still working on Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child.  The jury is still out on my opinion.  I know you are all dying to hear it! :)

{Around the House}We are finally painting the bathroom walls!  This is the more pressing project. We got them all sanded and primed on Saturday.  Let me just say this.  I will think long and hard next time before I ignore advice to just paint over the wallpaper on an old plaster wall!

{One of My Favorite Things} Watching her dance.

They learned some Indian style dances at ballet camp this year.  Very cool.

{Plans for the Week}  Fourth of July parade, a play date with Jared and his sister who is Callie's age, and a sleepover with a cousin who gets to come all by himself.  Praying for no rain for the next few days!

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  1. Love the pictures! :)

    I can't wait to see the bathroom. I'm sure you'll love it!