Sunday, August 25, 2013

2013 First Day of School Field Trip

This summer has flown so fast.  My children's lives have flown so fast!!  Here it is August of 2013 and I will be teaching a second grader and an eighth grader.  It just doesn't seem possible.

This year, for our annual tradition of going on a field trip for the first day of school, we headed downtown to the Indiana Historical Society.  You might be thinking "BORING", but it wasn't at all.  At least not to those over 7. ;)  {Kate had a good time, but I wouldn't recommend this for anyone under 8 or so}

 It's not just a library full of books and documents to find out about your ancestors and the history of IN.

The first stop  is a video about the history of Indiana and Indianapolis and some of the monuments in town.  It was interesting and very well done, just a little long for the younger person who just got there and wanted to explore.

Then there are touchscreens where you can touch your county and town and find out different things about where you live.  Everyone liked seeing things in their own home town, places that are no longer there and places that are.

Our favorite parts were the rooms where you stepped back in time.  There were 5 (I think) areas where you entered into another era.  The one pictured below was  the office of a doctor who was not allowed to practice at the local hospitals.  He was well educated though and was the first doctor in Indiana to make one of these machines that had first been invented in Germany to test the heart.  The woman played the role of his sister and receptionist.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the Eli Lilly room where the first polio vaccinations were being stockpiled.  The ladies working were talking about watching I Love Lucy on their brand new televisions.

Of course we went with our usual First Day partners.

We ate lunch beside the canal and enjoyed watching the ducks and paddle boats and runners go by.

I've been getting the school room all cleaned up and ready today.  It probably hasn't been thoroughly dusted since last August.  
Tomorrow is our first day here at home.  I'll admit to being a little anxious.  It all looks good on paper you know.  "The best laid plans" have been prayed over, thought over, prayed over some more and probably thought over a little too much.  

I ran across this article today.  So timely!  Whether you home school or not, it's a great article!
I'll probably need to read it again soon! :)


  1. If your field trip was on Friday, we were practically right next to each other. I was at one of my clients', which is located on the Canal. :-D Often when I'm there, I sit in a conference room that overlooks the canal. I would've cracked up if I'd looked out and seen you all. :-)

    Fun pictures. The one of Kate in front of the touchscreen looks like she's thinking, "are we done yet?" :-D

    1. Actually it was Saturday. And you're right about Kate. She had just gotten fussed at for touching the screen and making it go back to the beginning!

  2. What an amazing trip! God bless your school year!