Friday, August 23, 2013

Our Last Hurrah

All summer we have been wanting to get back up to "the Dunes."  Callie was beginning to give up hope I think.  It all came together perfectly though with an extra perk to boot!

A few weeks ago my college roommate sent me a message that she was going to be in Chicago and she wanted to know if I could come up.  At first I thought there was no way it would work.  We needed to start school, I didn't know if I would have a car available since Cameron's job change meant turning in the company vehicle, and I was a little bit chicken to drive to Chicago by myself, but after a while a plan started coming together.

The Bean at Millinium Park

Cameron and I decided we would all go to Chicago and then head to the Dunes after.  We also decided to try to surprise the girls.  Callie found me out.  First I got caught making hotel reservations, then I got busted buying "junk food."  I tried to lie my way out of it, telling her it was for field trips (it's okay to lie for surprises, isn't it?), but I'm a terrible liar and so she figured out part of it.  Kate, however, was completely clueless!  Ahh, the joys of being seven.

We call it the face fountain, I'm not sure what it was really called, but the face changes.

We had a fabulous time!  My roommate and I talked non-stop for several hours while Cameron took the girls sight seeing.  It was so much fun catching up!  Lisa and I couldn't be more different in some ways, but we have always gotten a long and had loads of fun together.  Even though it's been about twenty years since we've seen each other, Tuesday was no different.  The picture Cameron took of us ended up being a little fuzzy, plus I don't know if she wants her picture plastered on the web any more than I do. LOL

After hanging out in Chicago we headed east.  We wanted to check out the Michigan side of the dunes this time.  We had heard it was a bit nicer and it wasn't too much farther.  So we headed to New Buffalo and Warren Dunes

Something about "heltels" make these girls happy. (that's how Kate says "hotel")

Believe it or not, I went down too.  I was shaking when I was finished, but I would totally do it again.  I think there is video footage somewhere, but it will stay locked up tight! :)

Callie is an even bigger chicken than I am and she did it twice.

Those are Kate's feet poking out on the left.  She kept sliding out of view!

It was nicer as far as the surrounding towns and the view.  At Indiana Dunes, if you look to the left, you will see the smoke stacks and industrial yuck of Gary, IN.  And the surrounding towns there really have next to nothing in the way of sightseeing, shopping or eating.

Speaking of shopping and eating.....

We never, really never, stop at bakery's.  We usually say something like, "That might be good" and then drive right on by.  Oh my, were we glad we did this time.  I've never had chocolate macarons like these.  We ordered several different things so we could try a lot and I was kicking myself for not just ordering a dozen chocolate macarons!  We had a little debate on the way out as to whether they are "macarons" or "macaroons".  Turns out, we were all right.  The French version is "macaron" and it is different from the English "macaroon".  They are both good, but I have to say the French win on this subject!

I found the best antique store Ever!  Not because of it's size, but because the whole little store is filled to the brim with vintage 40's-60's jewels!  My favorite type of antiques.  I love a beautiful piece of well preserved furniture that costs thousands of dollars just as much as the next gal, but I'll take a stack of vintage table cloths and an old fridge any day!

I mean look at this!!  What's not to love?  This may just be what I do when I retire from home schooling!  Open up a little shop with all my favorite things.

We finished with a "legend" of a hamburger and then made our way home stuffed, tired and happy.


  1. AWESOME! I don't think I would be brave enough to drive into Chicago by myself, but it looks totally worth it!

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure I would do it alone. If those people would just slow down a bit, it wouldn't be that bad! LOL

  2. Aaah!!! Sounds like a perfect trip<3

  3. Great pictures!

    Although, I really wish you would have gone ahead and got a dozen chocolate wouldn't have hurt anything...

    1. Kelly, if we ever go back, I'll get you some!