Thursday, October 10, 2013

Callie Turns 14

Callie turned 14 on Monday.

She made quite an entrance into this world.  We were the talk of the hospital.  I met a woman about five years later who had a daughter the same age and had been at the same hospital and she said, "Did you hear about that woman....."  Uh yeah, that was us.

We barely made it to the delivery room! 

There has not been one moment of boredom since then.

This year we had a mother daughter overnight (thanks to enough points for a free room) and some shopping the next day.  Of course, no birthday is complete without a visit to the Cheesecake Factory.  This may have been Callie's first time not being made to share with her sister or father. :)  We stayed up late painting our nails and watching a BBC movie.  The next morning we headed to the mall.  Or malls, I should say.  :)

It's funny, we can have quite a debate about clothing at home.  I mean heated!  When we are actually at a store though, we have a great time.  She, just like any teenage daughter, has some strange tastes!  I just have to laugh at myself, remembering times of shopping with my mom.  We had tastes as different as night and day!  Oh the Lord must get a good laugh sometimes at the way history repeats itself.

NO, we did not come home with these!

Anyway, we had a great time together.  I don't remember the last time we have been out, just the two of us, for fun.  As always, she was funny, sweet and so thankful.  She tried very hard to be generous, offering to buy me something with her birthday money.  She has always been that way.

It's kind of sad that in the day to day of being together all the time, I can easily forget all of the wonderful things about Callie and focus on all the negative habits that I think I need to help her change. :) The most important gift I can give her would probably be to step back and be reminded of how wonderful she is. Because she truly is.


  1. We completely agree! She is a blessing and a delight to us!

    Happy Birthday, Callie!

    1. I must say I definitely agree with mom! Callie is one of my top best friends! :-)
      Happy Birthday Callie!

    2. Well the feelings are definitely mutual!! We love you all too!

  2. Happy Birthday, Callie!