Friday, October 4, 2013

The Art Museum

Technically, it's called the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  We went there for the first time when Callie was a baby.  I don't remember why.  Probably because it was free and looked intriguing, but it wasn't like I had always gone to places like that.  Growing up, I can't even imagine where there would have been one to go to!  I never went to one in college, but I did take Art Appreciation.

Anyway, it has become one of my favorite places to go in Indianapolis.  At first, I would take Callie and she would practically sprint through and then we'd go to the gift shop and play around for a while.  I never made her slow down or "study" anything, I just let her lead the way.  The grounds outside are beautiful so if the weather was nice we would walk around outside too.

One time, we were on our way out and she was a bit older and we had actually looked at quite a few paintings.  We were both ready to go and I'm sure she was hungry.  Something caught my eye as we were leaving.  It was a poster of Degas' Little Dancer.  The sculpture was at the museum!  We had just read about Degas and had looked at pictures of his ballet dancer paintings and sculptures at home.  We had gotten some great picture books at the library and of course, she had loved them.

I asked her if she wanted to go back and look for it and I remember her big smile and dimples saying "yes!"  It is one of my favorite memories of time with Callie.

Visiting now is a little trickier.  Callie really wants to linger and look.  Kate wants to fly through like Callie used to when she was younger.  But we do it.  We all three get a chance to learn to be patient and put others needs/wants ahead of our own.

We were there this week and I noticed that Kate was very interested in the sculptures and three dimensional objects, but really could have cared less about the paintings.  I don't remember if Callie was that way or not.

We will probably go back one more time this fall.  They now have an outdoor exhibit throughout the woods and a play area.  It's one of our favorite places.  It's also a great place to take pictures.

One of Callie's favorite parts

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  1. Beautiful! I need to take the kids, I bet they would love it.

    Great picture of the girls.