Sunday, January 26, 2014


When I saw this picture at Life{in}Grace, I absolutely cracked up!  I don't know, it just struck me as really funny and I think it was the day that it was like 100 degrees below zero.  I'm sure I was just desperate for a good laugh.

Then Kate wanted to know why it was so funny and I just couldn't figure out how to explain it to her and that made me laugh all the more!

I've been thinking about the garden off and on all winter.  No action, just thinking.  Thinking and planning are my talents.  Action, not so much.  {I'm pretty much that way in all of life.  I love to think and plan about parties and holidays, but then I either panic before a party and wonder what I was thinking to even have one or totally run out of steam or money or both at a holiday.}

Anyway, I am determined for that not to happen with the garden this year.  At least as far as I can control things.

Every spring I have great plans, all kinds of energy and am sure this is going to be the year that our garden will look like this.....

or this

Add to these pictures chickens and bees. {Cameron would say all kinds of animals}

I'm all excited and ready to work and get my hands dirty (gloved hands that is) in March, April and May.  June gets pretty busy, but that's okay, I'm still willing.  In July and August?  What garden?  In September and October I really love harvesting the pumpkins and tomatoes and whatever else managed to stay alive despite my neglect.  Some years have been pretty good, but they could be so much better if we would stay the course.

Cameron has his own issues.  His bursts of excitement, instead of peaking in May, just come and go with the wind. :)  He's much more willing and interested in August than I am.  I'm more focused on school planning by then and only doing things that involve air conditioning.

BUT!  I am determined that this is the year that we are going to be disciplined.  Our family will be out there, side by side, growing all kinds of delicious, organic food if it kills us! LOL 

It won't look like the above picture and that's okay.  It can still be neat, tidy and pretty.  It might not be the raised beds that I really, really, really want.  And that's okay too. 

So to help me in my endeavors I'm trying a few things. 

I've added a couple of gardening blogs to my list on Feedly.  A Way to Garden was the first gardening book I ever read and the author has a pretty good blog.  She's in the same zone as us and I like that and she has monthly "to do lists" that will be good reminders.  I'm checking out  Of course SouleMama and have great garden posts that are inspiring too.  I've marked in my planner to read or listen to Joel Salatin in June and July.  I've also made a little notebook to keep notes and lists in.  I was inspired by my friend Christina to make one using a spiral notebook that I already had and cut out pictures of flowers and gardens.  For January's page I have written down to test all the seeds that we have left over from previous years and to find out exactly when and how we should prune the two apple trees that we planted a couple of years ago.  Hopefully, all these things will help keep me inspired and diligent all year. 

Any of you are welcome to ask me about it and keep me on task!  Remind me how much money we could save on groceries and how we will be eating healthier, because we certainly aren't able to buy all organic veggies.  Remind me what good exercise it would be, and how much vitamin D I'll be getting and what a good example it will be for the girls and good for them too.  Then pray for a really mild, beautiful summer!!

Oh, these are so funny!

{garden photos from google images}


  1. Both of those memes are hilarious, but that FIRST one ... HA!!! Oh, so funny. I, like you, am usually long on ideas, but short on action. Mick is the gardener in our family. I just like pretty flowers near the front of the house. :-D Love those garden pictures - I don't know how you took them without us realizing it! We must've been gone when you stopped by. ;-)

    1. It was just a couple of days ago. You know, when it was sunny and 65 degrees? LOL

  2. I agree, they are so funny! I've seen them before, well different ones but that same kind of thing, and they always make me smile or lol. I can be an accountability partner, but you know I don't know much about it. I'll just cheer you on.
    Colleen, you're killing me... :)

  3. I have always wanted to be a gardener, but a green thumb I have not, lol. I do try though. As long as I get tomatoes in August I am a happy camper!