Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Upside

I'm sitting here on our bed with Kate halfway on top of me.  This is the third nap she has taken today. 

Of course, as parents we hate it when our children are sick.  It's hardest when they are little.  Thankfully, we have never dealt with anything too serious.  Nothing worse than a mild virus and some allergies.

Callie had pneumonia when she was two.  We were in Mississippi for Christmas.  I remember being a little concerned about the fever, but what really prompted us to get to the doctor was the realization that she had laid in my lap for hours and hours without even wanting to get down.  She was always on the go, never one to sit and cuddle unless maybe it was to be read to.  You know, the toddler books with five pages. :)

I will admit to being secretly a little bit thankful for the few times that she would be under the weather to have a day to just sit and hold her.

Kate, on the other hand, has spent many, many hours in my lap.  Totally healthy.  So there has been a different hidden blessing today.  Yes, there have been cuddles, and stories read to Kate.  But since Cameron and Callie were gone to church and church activities all day, I got to read to myself quite a bit too.  And I took a nap without setting a timer!  Of course I didn't have too much choice since she was propped up against me asleep and there was no way I wanted to wake her up, but it was nice anyway.

I read several on-line articles about home schooling high school (I'm a bit obsessed right now) and read more of The Age of Opportunity. 

I've also been reading about and wishing I had more essential oils on hand too!  I would love to give some of these things a try.

I've typed this with one hand, but highlighting and linking, I can't seem to do with one hand and a laptop!  So here are the websites if anyone is interested.

As peaceful as today has been, I'm praying all are well tomorrow.  I'm suppose to take Callie to get new pointe shoes before her class tomorrow night and I've already had to put her off for awhile now.


  1. I hope Kate feels better soon!

    Glad you had some sweet hours together.

  2. Something has hit our family this week too. Started last Friday with Brooklynn, Trinity was on Tuesday and Lance bit the dust today. It's a head cold, but hits like a ton of bricks with body aches, headache, chills, low grade fever, enough to make a person miserable & in tears. It's been a while since something hit this hard. Trinity never sleeps. She offered to take a nap yesterday at 10:30 am. On top of that, she was in and out of it on the couch all afternoon. Lance hasn't slept today, but I have a feeling tomorrow he'll be out of it again. Hope that Kate gets to feeling better soon. It's awful having them not feeling well. School can be a bit of a challenge. Thankful that this week we are trying a different schedule and I've been home a lot more than usual. No Awana tonight for us, so I feel like I'm on an extended vacation. ~Craziness!! ~Big hugs to you, Momma Sharon!!! ~Aimers