Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In the Kitchen


Our local library is very close to the girl's ballet school.  Often, Cameron will walk over there and come back to ballet with a cookbook.  Anyone who knows him is not shocked by this.  Sometimes they are filled with recipes that are way to high maintenance for our life right now or maybe even down right weird, but his latest find, we have all agreed, is a keeper. 

Martha's American Food.  At first I blew it off.  I have almost all the magazines after all.  "I'm sure all the recipes are just reprinted from the magazine."  I thought I even recognized some of the pictures.  But Cameron kept showing me recipes and even had the other parents salivating.  So I took a closer look. 

In the beginning, there are several all American recipes that honestly, most people already know how to make or have a recipe for.  But after that section, the book is broken into chapters based on geographical regions.  South, Midwest, Northeast, etc.  For every recipe there is a "back story" that is very interesting.  It would be a great book for a new bride or for a young lady to learn how to cook. The baked goods are not gluten free, but I have found that most things are easily tweaked and there are so many other good things to make, it doesn't really matter. 

I know there are those who never use cookbooks any more because of there are so many on-line, but there's just nothing like a good book with fabulous pictures to look through.  As a matter of fact, this is what Kate and Callie do during lunch.  Pick out a cookbook and look through it while they eat.  Callie is saying "Yum" every other page while Kate is usually saying "No way".  It's quite comical to listen to. 

So far we have tried the Roast Pork Italian sandwich and Boston baked beans from the Northeast section and I made the Pimiento Cheese spread from the South section.  Yum, yum, yum!!!  Fortunately for me, the girls don't really care for the pimiento cheese. :)  What's not to love about cheddar cheese and mayo mixed with a few other ingredients?  Oh, and Cameron made Orange Julius.  Mmmm.

Also in the past week there has been a whole lot of tea being made.  Not yummy sweet tea, but teas to try to get the two sickies back to normal.  Kate is finally well after a week and we are still working on Cameron. 

The teas we buy are made by Traditional Medicinal.  I usually get mine at Kroger.  They won't cure any diseases I'm sure, but they can really help with some symptoms and they feel so good going down.  I add a lot of honey to Kate's and just some to Cameron's.  Tea is one thing that Kate is not picky about.  She'll drink just about any of them as long as there is a little sweetness in it.

I've also made some garlic/honey tea.  We just call it "honey tea" or else you know who wouldn't touch it!

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  1. I laughed out loud about the girls reading the cook books! Ha! Hilarious.

    I'm with them on the pimiento, but the Orange Julius is a whole different matter... Yum!