Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Signs of Spring


I find it very humorous that the day I'm writing about Spring, it is snowing outside.  Not just flurries, but heavy and blowing sideways.

Yesterday, however, we had our very first picnic of the year on our new to us picnic table.  It was over 60 degrees.  Kate said, "I can't wait for Spring.  It will be like the first Spring Ever!"  After the winter we've had, I think she's right, it will feel like the first Spring ever.

Inside though, we don't have to wait.  We can pretend and decorate like it's already here.  I know it's close.  I saw some teeny tiny green things poking out of the ground.  The daffodils will be up soon and maybe eventually our yard will dry out.


  1. Love it! I would've much preferred a picnic yesterday. Instead, I spent most of the afternoon trying to keep mud out of the house; it was quite a workout! :-D The kids had so much fun!

    1. Oh how I hate the mud! We mopped (well Callie did) the kitchen floor earlier in the day and I was wondering why we had bothered!