Saturday, July 12, 2014

Needle &thREAD

Almost every time we have a trip coming up, I suddenly remember or find new things that I need to make "for the trip".  If it's during the school year I may not be able to no matter how badly I want to, but since we don't have full school days right now, I was able to crank out a few projects.

I told you about my purse that I made.  Here it is.  I usually prefer a big bag, but I just thought this time it might be nice to also have a small one for days spent walking around a lot.  It was great to have one go across the shoulder and never slip off and not have to worry about it.

I also made these pillows for the girls.  The pocket and handle make it perfect for traveling.  I saw this on Pintrest several months ago.  I didn't follow their instructions because I'm familiar enough with making pillow covers that I didn't really need too.  I was only using materials and trims that I already had on hand so I didn't use the piping as you can see.

The girls both really liked the idea when I showed them, so they picked out their fabrics from the stash and they came together very easily.  I think they would make great gifts for some nieces and nephews.

As for reading.....I took a book called "Wisp of a Thing" with us to Tennessee.  It started out good, became a little weird, but still very interesting, but also became more and more foul.  I have a very low tolerance for foul language and unfortunately it got worse and worse as the story was reaching the climax!  I did finish it, but honestly, I felt like I shouldn't have.  I should have re-read "Cold Sassy Tree" or "To Kill a Mockingbird"!  Oh well.  Next time I'll take a back up.

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  1. Adorable pillows! And I love the purse....were you glad later that it was smaller than your usual?

    I know what you mean about just putting down an unfinished book. I have persevered sometimes and was rewarded as one got better, and then there are the ones I wish I never would have started.

    How did you hear of this one?