Thursday, January 8, 2015

Winter Decorating

We got our first snow of the year a couple of days ago.  Someone was very happy.  We all like the snow, but some of us really, really like it.

I am sure that I saw a print like this on Pinterest while looking at Christmas decorating pins, but when I looked for it later, I couldn't find it.  It's so appropriate for us for many reasons.  In case you don't know, its a line from the "Snow" song in White Christmas.  That is pretty much our favorite Christmas movie.  Also, of course, Kate would probably do this if we'd let her and then there is the fact that we have sort of done it a few times.  When we've had major issues with pipes and have had to shut off the well, guess what we melted pots of.  Yep, snow.  We bought water for drinking and cooking, but for washing dishes and flushing toilets (no water when there's no electricity when you have a well) we have melted snow.  Thankfully, so far this year, that has not been necessary. 

So when I saw this, I knew I had to make one.  I just printed it out in a large font, found a very inexpensive frame at Goodwill, which I promptly painted red, and it was done!  Fast, easy, inexpensive and it makes me smile.

Which brings me to the real point of this post.  Winter in a very old, poorly insulated, owned by people who in July completely forget about things that could be done to help things in January, house can be pretty rough.  If you are a female who is home all day, it can be downright depressing and discouraging.  I never drank hot chocolate until we lived here. LOL  In our little ranch house in the city, I would just turn up the heat!  No big deal. 

Currently it is 18 degrees outside, with a wind chill of 1 degree.  Eighteen has been the high today and tomorrows high is supposed to be 8.  Inside our house right now the thermostat says it is 50 degrees.  It is set on 66.  I could turn it up, but it wouldn't do a bit of good.  With wind chills and temps like today, it just can't keep up.

Thankfully, the upstairs and our bedroom are warmer than that!  We also have learned how to dress on these days and drink hot tea and of course, hot chocolate.  It honestly isn't that bad if you can just keep a good perspective about things.  It doesn't usually last more than a few days, we have plenty of blankets and sweaters, we have a home to live in.   These are things I repeat to myself if I start to get whiny.

All this to say......taking down the Christmas decorations and facing January weather can be rather dreary and depressing.  For the past few years I've been leaving some things out that are not overtly "Christmas".  I pack away the nativity scene and anything Santa or that says "Merry Christmas", but I leave out some of the things that are red, or cheery or just wintery. 

I may be pushing it with the ornaments, but this is one of my favorite decorations during this time.  Since we have two January birthdays, it's nice to have some festive touches here and there.

I'm on a big red plaid kick these days and I just wasn't ready to pack these away.  I cut off some branches from our tree before we carried it out.  They are holding up pretty well so far.

I'll usually leave these things out until the end of January.  The girls like to make hearts and things for February and then before too long it's March and we can hang up the spring wreaths and buy (or cut) daffodils to set on the table.  And then we can thank God that we have survived another winter.  By the time August comes around, we find ourselves wishing it were cooler and looking forward to winter.  It seems ridiculous tonight, but that's what happens every year.


  1. Great pictures of the girls!!
    That is a wonderful idea to keep some pretty, cheery, things out. :)
    Keep enjoying that hot cocoa and tea, spring will be here before we know it!!

    1. Thanks Alice! We'll have to meet at the park when it gets nice.

  2. Funny, I've been on a red plaid kick this year, too. :-) The Noots brought us some Scottish souvenirs from their trip in November and I'm completely hooked! We haven't even taken down our tree yet (this weekend), but the girls are already wanting to keep some things out. :-)