Friday, January 2, 2015

Recycling Calendars

Last year I totally splurged on a full price calendar! {Gasp!}

I never buy a wall calendar that's not half price, but last year I had some Christmas money and when I saw this calendar I really, really wanted to order it.  So I did! 

This year, I couldn't really find anything that grabbed me (that was cheap) so I decided to see if I could just print off the dates for each month and attach it to last years.  I did find an inexpensive desk calendar/planner at Half Price Books, but it's so handy to have one hanging too.

I printed off free monthly sheets from and then used washi tape to tape them onto last years calendar.  I only printed one first to see how it fit and if it looked silly, but I really like it.  I get to enjoy the really adorable artwork one more year and it was FREE!

So.  Last night I was working on this little project and I thought I would blog about my great money saving tip.  A few hours later, I went to my room and I realized I still hadn't unpacked my book bag from our trip to Mississippi.  So I start pulling out books and magazines and.......a desk calendar that I bought back in the summer.  That I totally forgot about!!  I had even taken it with us to fill it out if I got the chance!  It's Downton Abby and I think I even paid full price for it!!

Sometimes I think I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached!  I'm too young for this!

I wonder if I could sell it?  Hmm.  It is Downton Abby after all.


  1. Way to go Sharron!!! That is a great idea about reusing your calendar very creative!!! :)

  2. The font is very pretty too. It goes great with the pictures! Looks like it's Goodbye DA!