Monday, April 20, 2015

24 Hours

My goodness, how fast things can change.

Earlier in the week Cameron informed me that his office, here at home, had to be inspected.  How's that for motivation to get the house work done?!  The girls and I worked really hard to stay on top of things all week so when Thursday came around everything looked great.  The girls and I left to do school at Starbucks, I mean, the library (actually both) and when we came back to a spotless house, it was all I could do to start dinner and mess up the kitchen again. 

Friday morning, Callie came down with a stomach bug.  Yuck! 

Saturday, Kate and I had a much milder version, but still spent most of the day on the couch.

So much for that spotless, picked up house!  It never lasts more than a day!

The living room however, has survived and even got a little makeover.  Kate and I decided on Friday, while Callie was resting and Cameron was mowing, that we needed to rearrange things.  We did enlist a little help with the piano.

 Yes, I curtain.  It's on the list of "to do"!

It's not perfect.  But I really like how open it looks and Kate asked, "How did it get bigger?".  It was really long over due for a change.  It was quite nice to have a different view while laying on the couch all day with Kate on Saturday!  I'd really love to change the wall color in here.  That's on the same list as the curtains. 


  1. Sorry to hear about the stomach flu. :-P The ONLY blessing in that is it's usually over quickly. Rip the bandaid off, right?

    The room re-arrangement looks great! I agree with Kate - a much bigger feel!