Thursday, April 2, 2015

March "Gladness"

I was going to title this "March Madness", but I would have hated to trick any sports fans into thinking they were going to be reading about the Final Four which will be happening this weekend, just minutes from my house.  As a Hoosier, I'm ashamed to admit I have no idea who is even playing!  But I'll get over it, I'm sure.

We've had much more important things to think about!

Comic Con,

the girl cousin sleep over.....




which was so much fun!  It was good to be the fun mom and picnic at the art museum, take a quick tour and go to two malls all in two days!  Not to mention three movies (one at the theatre) and staying up late.
There was also a boy cousin sleepover and homeschool convention, which I'm sorry to say I have not one picture of!  The boys came up with my parents to hang out with Kate while Cameron, Callie and I went to the convention.  Can anyone guess who this is with Callie?  Think 70's-80's loved television series.


And now we are awaiting the arrival of Granny and Poppy!  
Next week, it will be back to "real life".  I expect it to be a bit painful.  For all of us! ;)

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