Thursday, April 9, 2015

Celebrating Easter

We had a wonderful visit with Cameron's parents!  We did a little thrifting, a little egg coloring, and a whole lot of eating.  And talking.  And picture taking.  There was also a really good one of all of us.  Except for two things.  One person looked really angry even though they were not, and another person, thanks to the monsoon winds, looked like they had a wig on that was about to fly away!  I'll not post that one!  I'm really bummed though, because we never think to actually use the timer and take one of all of us.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.
Getting egg hunting "instructions"  STAY OUT OF THE MUD!



  1. So, did you hide the real eggs or the plastic ones? We always dye eggs and then they're basically just "on display" because we go to Grandma and Gradpa's and they always hide plastic eggs (300-400 this year!). The other day, Trent brought one of our dyed eggs up to me and asked what he should do with it. When I suggested he take it outside and hide it for Grant, he looked shocked! "We can take these OUTSIDE?" I told him when I was a kid we only had real eggs to hide, not plastic. He never did take it outside. :-D

  2. Yeah, we his the plastic ones, displayed the dyed ones for a few hours on Saturday, then made them into deviled eggs Saturday night. I'll do it differently next time. The eggs were really hard to peel after all that time and the dye went through to the egg white. Kinda grossed me out! LOL. They tasted fine though.