Wednesday, April 15, 2015

{Yarn Along}

I've temporarily given up on my previous project.  We needed some space!

Right now, I'm knitting socks!  A friend at church is going to walk me through the new-to-me parts.  Like turning the heel and anything else that might be tricky for a first timer.  I'm pretty excited!  I hope they fit.

I finished reading Kate Morton's first book last week. "The House at Riverton" was very enjoyable.  If you like Downton Abbey, then this is your book!  Even down to a servant named Alfred.


  1. I just made my first pair of socks, and it went well! All I can say is: no matter how crazy the pattern sounds for the heel turning, it works, I promise. Trust in the pattern.

    I've always wanted to read Kate Morton. :) And I do love Downton Abbey...

    1. Then you should read this! I was amazed at the similarities, even though the book was written first.