Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Best Mother's Day Ever

What's not to love about a little girl planning for weeks and a big girl who can surf Pinterest and YouTube for ideas and a wonderful husband and father to help it all work smoothly?

My favorite chocolate chips melted and shaped into a heart, my favorite gum, a gift card, some seeds for the "garden", an original sculpture, and several cards.  Kate started working and planning the minute she heard Cameron and I talking about Mother's Day when we were discussing our own mothers. 

Callie didn't let on that she had anything in the works, but she made up for any year that she may or may not have done anything.  Not that that ever happened.  Or that I was bitter. ;)

I honestly don't remember every Mother's Day that we have celebrated, but a couple stand out.  There was the one when I was pregnant with Callie and Cameron bought me the VHS of You've Got Mail.  I remember thinking it wasn't a very motherly type of gift, but I loved the movie, so it was all good.  We were so excited to be parents that he could have bought me a yard stick and I would've been happy!

Then there was Callie's first Mother's Day when I told Cameron what to pick out.  Ha!  I wanted one of the necklaces that were very popular at the time that had a charm of a boy or girl and the birthstone as the body.

Then, when Callie was around 5 or 6 years old, their was the one where she was an absolute stinker all day.  I don't mean "stinker" in the cute and funny sense either.  I mean the kind of stinker that had me crying about how awful the day was and how Mother's Day wasn't suppose to be like that.

This one though!  This one will definitely be remembered in all the good ways.  We went to my parents to not only celebrate my Mother, but also my Dad's birthday and one of my niece's birthdays.  Callie had requested that we not be home too late because she had something planned so we left before supper to head back home.

Our driver decided a detour to Cheesecake Factory was in order, No one argued, and so added to a stop or two for gas and other things that put us home about 10:00 p.m.  Normally, I would immediately turn into a drill sergeant and get everyone to bed, but I knew I couldn't do that.  So while I followed orders to relax on the couch I listened to lots of whispering and giggles until I was summoned to the bathroom and saw this....

They had turned the bathroom into a little spa. It was complete with soothing music, candles, hot tea and personal attendants.  I was instructed to take a nice, relaxing bubble bath with the Lush bath bomb (which smelled like a rose garden) and let them know when I was finished.  {by now it was close to 11:00-on a school night}  So I did.  Then I was instructed to sit in the chair and they proceeded to put a mask on my face that Callie had made, then cucumber slices on my eyes.  Now this mask was made of yogurt and oatmeal and honey, so it smelled good, but was a bit on the runny side.  And you know cucumbers are somewhat watery.  So the cucumbers started sliding down my face, and bits of oatmeal were sliding down my neck, and my children are talking in these sort of middle eastern accents telling me to relax.  So I did what any good mother would do and I started to laugh.  Uncontrollably.  Probably not exactly what Callie was going for, but I'm telling you it was the funniest thing EVER! 
And there was a cocoa sugar scrub for my feet and legs!  The girls worked very hard.  I think they used about 15 washcloths.  It was so great!!  I didn't dare look at the clock at the end and yes, I let them sleep in a bit the next morning.


  1. Dying, just dying!!! What a great Mother's Day!! One you'll never forget, lol!!
    And what a good momma for going with it that late after a long day, I'm sure! You get the mommy award for sure:)

    1. I'll admit if I hadn't known ahead of time that something was up, I might not have been as cooperative.

  2. Love it! That last picture ... :-D :-D

    1. You should see the ones I didn't publish!!