Friday, July 24, 2015

July {shortened} Daybook

{Outside My Window}  Sunny and warm.  This may actually be a week without rain.  I don't remember the last time we had that.  Maybe it hasn't been that long, but it feels like it has and the ground sure is soaked.  (I started this Monday, and Yay!!  No rain)

{Listening To}  Right now the dryer. ;)  But earlier this week I listened to this recording of a speech Andrew Pudewa gave .  It was fantastic!  If you have high school students I strongly recommend listening to it and having them listen too.  Callie hasn't yet, but she will and I know she will enjoy it.  He is such a great speaker!

{I am Thankful For}  I could list so many things and just go on and on, but I'll stick to just a couple of things. 

First of all, Kate's first 4H judging experience went really well.  If you know her, you know how quiet and shy she is out in public.  Talking to strangers is something we practice and talk about before hand.  Even when she does talk, people can hardly hear her.  Anyway, the judge was so, so nice and even though Kate had a major allergy attack of sneezing and snorting, I think it actually helped a little.  It helped break the ice and was kind of funny.  People were offering essential oils and drug advice! 

And Callie's project did well too!

I'm very thankful for this summer.  It has been a pretty good balance of a restful break from homeschooling and full of play and fun and getting together with friends.  The girl's friends and my friends too.  It's not over yet, there are some fun things still to come.  I do feel the clock ticking though! 


{I'm Reading}  A few weeks ago I read Design Mom  How To Live With Kids: A Room-By-Room Guide.  What a fun book!  Well, if you're into that sort of thing. ;)  It's full of all kinds of great ideas for each area of your home.  They are fun, practical and still nice to look at!  What I really loved about this book was the way it made me think of ideas for our house to "work" better.  Ideas that she didn't even talk about, but it just really got my creative juices flowing.  I made a whole list of small things to do or change around.

Last week I read Belle: The Slave Daughter and the Lord Chief Justice.  We watched the movie several months ago and it was sooo good!  The costumes, the setting, the story.  I highly recommend it.  Callie saw the book at the library and brought it home for me.  It's the true story behind the movie.  I always read what she brings me and I've never regretted it.

{In the Kitchen}  Callie and I  made a gluten free blueberry cobbler/crumble this week.  It was pretty good.  I don't usually like cooked or warm fruit desserts, but I'm expanding my horizons.  The home made whipped cream helped! ;) 

{I am Creating}   First Day of School plans, book lists, schedules, and just a wee bit of panic. ;)

{Around the House}  The general chaos of summer is showing right now.  I'm hoping in the next couple of weeks to make it even worse by painting the school room before school starts.   We'll see.  I'm getting a few little projects done here and there.  Spray painting a chair (ran out of spray paint though), mending things that have been by the sewing machine forever, and trying to clean out and get rid of some things.

{One of my Favorite Things}

When they are arguing, I want to throw them out to the barn and lock the door.  When they are giggling and having fun, I want to squeeze them to pieces!!

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