Tuesday, August 4, 2015

More Summer Fun

 Well, I'm a bit behind on posting events.  The days are full and by the time evening time comes I'm too tired to put together words and pictures!  This summer has gone by so quickly.  We've tried to balance the fun activities with time at home to do projects too.  It's tricky when one daughter wants one thing and the other wants the opposite.  Thankfully, they both end up enjoying whatever we do once we get going.  Or not going as the case might be.
This particular weekend, there was no debating.  COUSINS!!!  This time some of the boys came, but we were missing a girl too.  Her church camp didn't call to clear their schedule with us!  The nerve! ;)
We missed them, but we did manage.
There was swimming...... 

See the long string of kids in the middle?  Those are ours.  At one point they were a huge donut in the middle.

and water balloons.......

and lots of general goofiness and smiles and laughter. 
Thank you for bringing them Aunt Valerie!!


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