Thursday, August 13, 2015

Mommy and Daddy's Fun Weekend

The girls have had several play dates and outings with friends this summer and finally, it was our turn.  We celebrated 24 years of marriage this year!!  We even took them out to eat with us on our anniversary!  We never do that, but it's just the way it turned out this year.  It was fun and they wanted to hear funny stories about us.  I think they've heard them all before, but they like to hear them again.  Like when a faulty Icee machine spewed red slushy in my face and all through my big 80's hair and Cameron laughed and laughed.  That was just before we started dating.
The following weekend though, we dropped them off at their Indiana grandparents and we got to go play!!  By Ourselves!!!!!!!!!!
We spent the weekend in Southern Indiana with our oldest and dearest friends who I went to high school with.  She knows me and loves me anyway! 

I have a really great picture of them after running the Color Run, but if I put it here, she may not love me anymore!

After cleaning up and a quick lunch we headed out to some salvage antique stores.  It didn't occur to me to take pictures there but I should have.  The doors!  The stoves! The refrigerators!  The cabinets!  Oh my!  They were awesome!

From there we went to Newburg, IN and walked around a bit.  Another great antique store, some amazing peach cheesecake, a cute little British telephone booth  and some beautiful views and homes were tolerated well by the men.  {They were rewarded with beef brisket, amazing too, and a very violent movie that evening} :)

I'd love to try this place out next time

the place where we got the cheesecake was just getting ready to close

I used to live in this general area in high school, but who paid attention to such things back then?  All I knew was that Newburg was on the way to "The Mall".  I have a whole new appreciation for it now.  There was a bookshop that we didn't go in, but I know Callie would love to check it out. 
We had a really great time!  We hadn't been away together in a looong time.  It was a great way to celebrate!
The only downside was that my mom got sick while we were gone.  My sisters kept me posted, reassured me that we didn't need to come home, and took good care of the girls.  Thank you very much Alyson and Valerie!!  And thank you Grandmother for being always willing!


  1. OK, this makes me want to go on vacation! Even just a day trip! We've got just over one month until ours. I think I can, I think I can ... :-)