Saturday, July 16, 2016

One Mess Leads to Another

I'm sitting in a dining room that is currently half painted, exploding with felt for a 4H project, a bookcase waiting to be painted, and two footstools that need to be painted and turned into something else.  To say it is a mess would be quite an understatement!  Not to mention outside chores that need to be done.

 "Three Hungry Mice"

 The Martha Stewart Craft Book For Kids?  Awesome!

I'm normally a "don't start one project until you finish the previous one" kind of girl, but sometimes, it just can't go like that.  In fact with that sentence I'm having a moment of deja vu.  I'm thinking I was down this road before and wrote about it.

I started painting the dining room before the 4th of July.  I thought I could finish it this Monday.  That didn't work out.  I thought I might finish it today, but Callie is gone this weekend and so I decided it would be the perfect time to freshen up her room and paint something she has wanted to paint.  Well last night she informed me that really, she just wants rid of that bookcase because her room is rather small.  So I painted it and it's probably going in the schoolroom and the bookcase in that room will go......somewhere.  So that means all the fabric, patterns and books needed to come off that case. They are currently piled in the school room floor and that room looks like JoAnn's at the end of a Black Friday sale.

Anyway, the place is a mess!  But it's a good mess.  Fun projects, flower beds being mulched and the flowers them selves looking better this year than ever, a little rearranging and changing things to better fit our growing girls and to banish all earth tone* walls forever! ;).

*Earth tones can be very pretty, but in a house with brown wood floors and lots of brown wood trim, brown walls were just too much for me!

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