Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August Highlights

The first thing we did in August was have a weeklong house guest.  I'll admit that I was a bit nervous about the number of days.  Would we get tired of our guest?  Would she get tired of us?  Or get homesick?

 What do you think?  Do they look tired of each other?  She was the best house guest ever!  She even baked some delicious treats for us.   I just realized that these pictures Callie took are from the pool they went to when Callie and Kate went to stay with them.  Oh well, they looked basically the same at our local pool here.  Very happy to be together!  We did miss the other member of this cousin team, Claire.  She was off exploring Washington DC!

A couple of weeks later we were very thankful that we were able to get in a weekend road trip before school starts.  First we headed south to Nashville, TN.  We stopped at the Parthenon, a mall (or two) then headed on to Huntsville, AL.  Callie had really been wanting to go to the Huntsville Space Museum.  I went when I was a kid, but I really didn't remember anything about it.  It was fun and I'm glad we went.  The weather cooperated for Kate's only wish which was to swim in the hotel pool.   Sunday there was a little more shopping and then we headed home.  It was fast, but still very relaxing and we had a great time.  If you are ever in Huntsville you need to go to the Po' Boy Factory!  Yum!!

I even ran into an old college friend in Nashville.  I had been wishing I could meet up with some friends in TN and AL, who I haven't seen in ages, but I knew there just wasn't enough time.  It was so surprising to see my friend outside one of the malls in Nashville!  So I got to meet up with someone after all.

We will be starting school this week so hopefully we'll have some fun first day of school pictures to show soon.

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