Tuesday, October 18, 2016


As of two weeks ago, Callie is 17.  Seventeen!!!

She's all about cousins and friends, Starbucks when she has money to burn, goofing off with Kate, all things Marvel but especially "Bucky", her Daddy's flannel shirts, baseball caps, taking selfies (which she insists she's not doing), reading all kinds of books, taking pictures of her friends, watching as many movies as she can get away with, dreaming of trips to New York, Disney, California, and making videos.

Callie is generous, kind and just like most teenagers, she sometimes drives us crazy!  But she is stuck with us, like it or not.  We are so thankful for the excitement and laughter she brings to our lives.  We would be so bored and lost without her!

 Yes, she got a box of Kleenex for her birthday.  It has Captain America's picture all over it!

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