Friday, October 21, 2016

Whatever Happens in Memphis, Stays in Memphis

Last week I went with my parents and youngest sister on a little road trip.  We went to see our cousin who is currently in Memphis with her husband and son, Cash.  They are there for Cash, who is being treated at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  

It was a great trip and they are one amazing couple!  They have a wonderful support system back home, 9 hours away, taking care of their other two boys while they are taking care of Cash and helping him get the best care possible.

We got a tour of the housing that has been provided for them and the hospital too.  It made me think when I grow up, I want to work at St. Jude :)  It was so awesome to see this place and to see other families who are there and being helped.   The Target house is so cool!!  Obviously these people would rather be in their own homes, but this is the next best thing!  

This fountain was sooo cool in real life.  The elephants are made of some sort of metal that almost looked like leaves or paper mache.

There were probably over a hundred of these pictures of elephants along the walls.  I don't remember the exact details, but the elephant is a symbol of hope and healing (I think that's what the sign said).  So famous people of all kinds either colored or drew their own versions of elephants.  I should have taken pictures of more of them.  Some of them were especially creative.

There is serious work being done there, but we had lots of fun too. 

 Someone might have gotten lost in a restaurant trying to find their way back from the bathroom. 

 Someone might have snored during the night and in the van. 

 Someone might have laughed until they almost...well, never mind.  

Someone might have told crazy lies to a two year old.  Like, "We can't ride the wagon right now because it needs a bath" and "you can't get down because there is space poop on the floor"!

Someone might have refused to share dessert.

And Someone spent several hours with a little boy who was slightly whiny and clingy so his wife could go out with her family.  {Thank you Andy}


So far Cash has been able to bounce back pretty well from each treatment.  He has many more to go so if you could keep Cash and his family in your prayers we would all appreciate it!

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