Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving~2016

I've missed seeing the things people are thankful for on Facebook this year.  I didn't do it either but I wanted to take the time here to make note of some things that I am thankful for.  It's always fun to look back and read them later in the year.

It has been a good month with a couple of extra fun things thrown in, plus Thanksgiving is always fun.

My Christmas cactus bloomed  a little early

We were very thankful that we were able to get together with some of the families we traveled to China with in 2006.  All the girls are about the same age, some just taller than others.  This December will be the 10 year anniversary of bringing our girls home.  We were hoping to get more of the group together, but we are quite spread out geographically and it just didn't work out. 

We had a beautiful day to go on a field trip with the co-op we belong to and a great guide who gave us a tour of the Rotary Jail in Crawfordsville.  It was very interesting and just a bit creepy.  Some gruesome things occurred when all body parts were not inside the bars and they rotated the cells.

We've had beautiful weather and although I'm ready to see some snow, I'm thankful for Cameron's mom's sake that it has been so mild so far.  We keep warning her about what's coming though and telling her she's getting off easy for her first November here. 

It has been a lot of fun having them close after all of these years.  Cameron stops by almost everyday and we see them at least once a week.   I am going to miss my mid-winter road trip south and our mini vacation.  They always spoiled us like we were at a bed and breakfast.  Cameron keeps telling them we are going to just spend a week at their house anyway.  But I think they would get a little tired of us and kick us out after a while! :)

We have much to be thankful for and even though there are hard days and not all of life is perfect, I try very hard to remind myself and the girls that we are so very blessed.

It's nice to have an official holiday to remind us all!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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