Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Autumn 2016

We have had the most amazing fall weather here in Central Indiana!  Normally by now there would have been a hard freeze, possibly snow flurries and maybe a lot of dreary, rainy days.   This year, we have had none of that yet!  I know it's coming and I'm okay with that because I do love the snow, but we have really enjoyed these extra days of sunshine to get in all our fall fun that we could.

Our pumpkins did really well this year.  It was the first time I planted pie pumpkins and we got several.  So far I have 6 cups in the freezer and I have about 4 pumpkins I still need to cook and get in there.  

Our tomato plants did well too.  They are still producing tomatoes!!!  In November!

Each time we've gone on an outing I've told the girls that this is probably the "last chance" that we are going to have because surely next week things will turn.  Then we actually will have another week of perfection.  Cold nights, mild days.  Ahhh.

The flowers are a little confused.  Some are black and "dead" for the winter while others are still blooming.

Several years ago on a blog, maybe Ginny's, I saw how to dip leaves in melted beeswax to preserve them for a while.  We have done it several times since then.  I love the way the beeswax smells and its fun to dip them.  A very quick, simple, but satisfying project.  We usually string them up and hang them in the window, but you could just pile them in a pretty bowl or tray.

Today was actually cold, wet and dreary, but really, it should be.  It was the perfect day for a little extra reading, dipping leaves and roasting potatoes and sipping hot chocolate.  

I think I'll put in a chic flick while I fold laundry and avoid the election news until tomorrow.  Hmm...You've Got Mail or Poldark?

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