Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday With Words: All The Pretty Things


"We fumble around in the dark, begging for wisdom, praying that our children know how much they're loved, trying to be willing to admit when we are wrong-because we so often are.  Parenting and living require more faith than knowledge, more grace than rules, more trust than answers."

I just finished "All The Pretty Things" by Edie Wadsworth.  Edie also has a blog,  It's funny, it's sometimes sad, it's encouraging, it's honest, and full of pretty pictures and good recipes.   She lives in a part of Tennessee that my parents came from and all my extended relatives still live.  We went to and through some of the places she has lived every summer and Christmas to visit our grandparents, so it's fun for me to read and think about those places.

This book was so, so good.  It's a memoir of a woman who survived a childhood full of poverty and brokenness, and I could hardly make myself put it down.  Since I have read all of her posts, I was familiar with her background but the book gives so much more of her story and it is just so amazing.   Isn't the above quote just spot on?!  Especially that last line - more faith, more grace, more trust.  Yes, please!

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