Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas in Indiana 2010

It seems a bit ridiculous to be posting these now, but I'm going to anyway. :)  We had a wonderful Christmas, actually three of them!  First we had Christmas at my parents with my sisters and their families.  Then we had our own Christmas here at home before we left for Mississippi.

Granddaddy and two of his girls

Aidan doing his impression of a dead deer!  Guess who's daddy is a hunter.

IU's biggest little fan in his new IU chair

Exhausted from all the fun

Our tree from the local Christmas tree farm

The dolls got a tea set

I don't remember what she was opening or why in the world she is wearing a sleeveless dress, but she sure was happy!

We've had such a busy and full December and January that I will be doing some retro blogging for a bit.  There are too many good pictures and things to share to just jump to the present.  I'll try to hurry!

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