Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sleep Deprivation

My sister sent me this email today.

      "just in case you are concerned that people will think you may be crazy for homeschooling and your    poor girls don't have a chance....the word 'thankfulness' is spelled wrong on your blog:)

love ya, valerie"

Isn't she sweet? ;)  Apparently, Spell Check doesn't check the title.  Sleep Deprivation can do many things to people.  I guess not knowing how to spell "thankfulness" is one of them.

Thankfully, Kate is mostly well now and I have had two nights in a row of pretty good sleep!  So no more excuses now.  :)  The girls were actually able to play outside yesterday and Kate felt like going to ballet.  It's nice to have her happy face back and hopefully Godzilla will never return again!  Of course we all have our Godzilla moments.  Thank the Lord that He is patient and helps us overcome those moments and forget those of others.

We have a busy few days ahead.  Callie has her home school classes today, which means Kate has preschool too.  Tomorrow we are having company and then Saturday I work at the antique mall. 

There haven't been too many picture taking moments around here lately, but here is one of Kate a couple of weeks ago.  She loves this dog!!

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  1. A gorgeous picture of Kate!

    And you'll be thankful to know I didn't even notice the spelling error! ;)