Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our 20th Anniversary Weekend

Thanks to my parents, Cameron and I had Thursday through Sunday all to ourselves.  Our 20th wedding anniversary was Wednesday.  I went all out for supper.  We had taco salad! LOL  We actually didn't do anything Wednesday except exchange cards.  Thursday though, I took the girls to my parents to stay until Sunday.

Friday, Cameron and I first went downtown to the Midland Antique Mall.  A huge building full of vintage and antique goodies.  We had been there several years ago and I was really excited to go again.  I was planning on spending half the day there, but we didn't stay too long.  NO AIR CONDITIONING!  It was miserable inside.  There were only three other customers in the entire building.  We were there long enough to find the one thing I was hoping to find plus a couple of other small goodies.

After Cameron and I had enough of the "antique sauna" we went in search of lunch and a cold drink.  We went to Aesop's Table and shared an appetizer plate.  It was too hot to eat very much. 

Then we took a little road trip to Ft. Wayne, IN.  We drove through this little town called Berne, which was settled by the Swiss.  It was a neat little town which also has a lot of Amish people.  We saw one of the funniest things we had ever seen.  A McDonald's with a parking area for horses and buggies and we actually saw a young Amish couple with their newborn baby go into McDonald's!  We were cracking up.  Then we saw three buggies outside of the Pizza Hut.  I guess the Amish are branching out! 

Saturday we did more antiquing and some errands.  It was a perfect day except for one little blip.  We took our camera to a repair shop and they said it would cost more to fix it than replace it.  I might have had a tear in my eye.  It's a nice camera that we bought right before leaving for China.  I was really bummed.  Not too bummed to enjoy the rest of the day though!  We ate dinner at Asian Grill, where we both were looking forward to a cold Thai iced tea.  They were OUT!  So....we went on a search to find the ingredients to make our own.  We found the tea at Asia Mart!  We had looked for this tea before and not had any luck, so we were pretty excited.  Cameron made some when we got home and it was great!  Now we can have some whenever we want.

It was pretty strange going to church on Sunday morning without the girls!  We were ready to pick them up and bring them home.

They had a great time at their grandparents and playing with their cousins.  They fell asleep pretty fast tonight!

It was a great weekend to celebrate our 20 years of marriage.  Just hanging out together and running around eating and shopping.  Our favorite past times since our beginning! :)  I am so thankful for the husband that God has given me and the father he is to our girls.  Cameron is so much fun and is the most unselfish person in this house.  When I was a young girl in college, I had a mental list of the things I wanted in a husband, but how could I have known what would be important to me twenty years later?  God knew and he gave me just the right man. 

Gratitude list

336.  My husband
337.  My parents willingness to keep the girls
338.  God's watching over us while we were apart
339.  God's wonderful blessings in our marriage.

Next week it's major planning time for school.  I'm starting to get excited.

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic time! I'm so glad for you!

    Happy Anniversary!