Monday, August 8, 2011

Full Days

We have had days full of fun and friends and family.  Nothing extravagant, like a trip to Disney or anything, just good visits with friends, old and new, and weekends with family.  The intense heat has subsided a bit and we are all grateful for that!  Just one more week before school starts.  Should I start practicing getting up early or sleep in every morning this week?  I might need a few days of practice.  Just to get my system going again!

340.  Having my mom and niece come up for the weekend.

341.  Watching "Babies".  For the third time.

342.  Taking my mom and niece to New India for lunch.  And they liked it!  Maybe not everything, but they went away full.

343.  Lively discussions

344.  Girls day out with "old" friends

345.  The library.  Oh how I love the library.

346.  Holding my new nephew.  There is nothing better than holding a sleeping baby.

347.  Gifts

348.  My in-laws.  Yes, I said my in-laws.  I couldn't have asked for better.  Sometimes I think about other guys I dated and their parents.  Obviously, I'm glad that I chose Cameron, but I'm glad I didn't get some of those other in-laws too.

349.  School planning.  I haven't gotten near as much done as I would like at this point, but I am thankful for what I have gotten done.  I'm struggling to figure out how to get in all the things we have to do with all of the things we want to do.  If Callie and I had it our way it would be reading and art and music and making things.  Oh, and Geography.  Callie loves learning about other cultures.  I'm praying for divine guidance and inspiration.  Feel free to say one for me too!

350.  Kindergarten books in the mail.  I love Kindergarten.  Kate's pretty excited about "doing school like Callie."

351.  Kate can fit into Callie's OLD ballet shoes.  Yea for one less thing that has to be bought!!

352.  Tomatoes from the garden.  And zinnias.

353.  Dairy Queen after church with friends.  What better way to start a new week than with friends and ice cream?

354.  Our first day of school buddies.  We've been doing it together for six years now!  There's no better way to start the year off  than with a field trip with friends who have been there since the birth of our oldest children!

355.  A nice, soft bed at the end of the day.


  1. I tried to post before, but it wouldn't let me (as usual) - so I'll try again!

    I love your gratitude lists, Sharron. They're inspiring - and real. So when are you going to show me "Babies"???? You've sold me on it.