Sunday, November 27, 2011

Back Home Again

Every time we return from our visits South, Cameron always starts singing "Back Home Again In Indiana" like Jim Neighbors does at the Indy 500.  It's quite comical and funny after being in the car for 10 hours.

As usual, Cameron decided we needed to leave at 7:00 PM the night before we were suppose to leave for Mississippi for Thanksgiving.  :)  My granddaddy used to do this sort of thing to my grandmother.  I'm mostly use to it.  Mostly.  I managed to remember everything except some knitting supplies that I needed to finish Kate's sweater.  Not bad for a rush packing job.

We had a nice visit, with great weather and an uneventful trip home.  Uneventful is good! :)  The girls did great!  Callie has always been a great traveler and Kate hasn't been too bad.  Callie's essentials have always been food and books.  It seems that Kate's essentials are Barbies and a flashlight.  And "Blankie".

Speaking of "Blankie", Kate has left it at home for two Sundays in a row now!  Both times it was sort of an accident but now that she knows she can do it, we are going to make a habit of forgetting it every Sunday.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent.  The only problem is, we just got home last night and I still have fall decorations everywhere!  I'm thinking maybe I can transform the house tonight after the girls go to bed and tomorrow we will be ready to start celebrating and preparing for this wonderful season.  I just feel a little off about the whole thing with Cameron gone.  It's just weird. 

Tomorrow we will be busy picking up the dog, going to the library and going to ballet.  Then Tuesday it will be back to school!

I'm off to "transform" the house and get the Advent calendar ready!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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