Saturday, February 25, 2012

Room #1 and a Little Gratitude

Trash, a box of home school stuff to sell or donate, the different containers I emptied, and a little bit for Goodwill

I decided to tackle the homeschooling/sewing room first.  Normally, I would start in the kitchen for a project like this since that is where I spend the most time, but since the school room is the room where the front door is, and the room we all see first, I decided to start there first.  Also, the girls were at my parents so it was a good time to tackle a room that would have been hard to go through had they been here.

Here are a couple of tips in case anyone is going to do something similar. 

#1  If you don't have a garage or an extra room to use as a sorting area, things may look much worse before they look better!  It's okay though, just keep going and don't over analyze every little thing trying to decide whether to keep it or not.

#2  Try to work fast and get as much done as possible.  I worked as fast as I could because I had some appointments later that day.  Also, I knew someone was coming by that evening and I did not want to be in the middle of cleaning out.  See tip #1.  No one would have believed I was "cleaning"!

#3.  I read this idea somewhere.  Use a dark trash bag if your children are home.  That way you won't get caught throwing away the broken toy that no one plays with or the piece of junk mail that they suddenly love.

Now for the gratitude.

409.  I am so thankful for my mom who was willing to have the girls come down for a sleepover.  It was a great help not to have to stop and take care of squabbles or meals or whatever.

410.  I am so thankful for this school room!   We love it.

411.  I am thankful for the friend who made it possible.  Whose creative mind realized we could make it work.

412.  I am so very thankful that I have the opportunity to stay home with the girls and teach them.  Even when it's hard and the day may be stinky, I'm still thankful they are here.

413.  I'm thankful for Callie who noticed right away how nice the room looked.  It wasn't that bad to begin with, but several of the home school things that I got rid of had been stacked on the desk and it looks much nicer now.

414.  I'm thankful for Cameron who wanted me to tag along with him all the next day while the girls were still at my parents.

Next up?  The living room.  This room will be pretty easy.  It's mostly furniture.  The biggest dilemma?  My Martha Stewart Living magazines. :)

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  1. Great job, Sharron! Great tips, too - especially the black bag thing. :)

    Amen to the magazines! I just went through mine - it took days and alot of gumption. But things are alot tidier now.

    Your thankfulness is always contagious - and inspiring. :)

    love you!