Thursday, March 1, 2012

Room #2 and A Confession

Room number two is now finished.  Although, right now, you can't tell by looking that anything has been done.  Right now there is a bowl of popcorn, a plate of sushi, a stack of library books, a Barbie, Callie's camera, a Polly Pocket, a cloth napkin, a Bible, and a remote control all on the coffee table. :)  We are watching a movie and the girls and Cameron are having a snack.   There is folded laundry on the love seat that I will put away in a little bit.

However, what you won't see are two small bags of magazines that will be donated and a small bag of magazines and papers going to the recycle bin.  I am so proud of Cameron for getting rid of his "country life, farmer wanna be" magazines.  I really thought he would tell me to keep them.  Really though, you can find all of that stuff on the internet now or in books from the library.

Confession--I didn't even consider getting rid of any of my Martha Stewart Living magazines! LOL  Don't tell me that line about the internet.  It doesn't matter.

I have, well, never mind how many issues I have.  Let's just say a lot.  These magazines are just too good to get rid of.  Especially the old ones.  I don't subscribe anymore.  The newer ones just don't seem as good and if I need any inspiration I just go pull one out of my stash.  I buy one every once in a while if we are going on a road trip or if it looks just too good to pass up.  Yes, some things are not my style and I'm sure I'm not going to prepare a rack of lamb with mint sauce anytime soon, but at least I know where to turn if I wanted to.  And who else is going to tell me how to host a dinner party in a horse barn that is nicer than my house?