Thursday, March 8, 2012

Two Surprises

Yesterday I took a deep breath and started on the dining room closet.  I had a nice surprise.  It wasn't that bad!  I vaguely remember maybe cleaning it out sometime last year.  I did get rid of most of Callie's old workbooks like math and phonics.  This area was more a project of reorganizing than getting rid of.  The shelves have been cleared a bit and Kate's paperwork and memorabilia from China now has a better home than under my bed!  I didn't take any pictures.  I'm sure no one cares what the inside of my closet looks like.

I have gathered from various places another bag of paper and magazines to take to the recycling bin and a couple of odds and ends to go to Goodwill.

I've been determined to get rid of a small bookcase that has been downstairs.  One shelf is books, but the other is photo albums.  I've had a hard time finding a place for them, but I may have figured out a solution.  We'll see.

I was able to get this project finished with no interruptions!  How you ask?  We have started babysitting for a little boy who is four.  He and Kate got along marvelously!  I didn't expect it to go badly, but I was surprised at how well it did go.  He will be coming three days a week until the end of May.  I'm sure not every day will go as smoothly as yesterday, but he is a sweet little boy and Kate was thrilled to have him here. 

We've been plugging along with school and I'm starting to think about next year.  I will have a seventh grader and a first grader!  Oh my!!!

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  1. Neat about having a friend come over on a regular basis! Three days a week sounds good, too.
    What are your plans for 1st grade? I'm still not sure..