Thursday, April 19, 2012

Needle and thRead

needle and thREAD

I haven't knitted anything since Callie's beret was finished.  Not for a lack of trying.  I tried to start a pair of hand warmers on dpn's, but that didn't go so well, so I just put it away for awhile.  Anyway, since I haven't participated in Ginny's Yarn Along for a while, I was excited to see Elizabeth's Needle and thREAD sew along. 

After making Kate's skirt, I thought that, if I were careful, I had enough fabric left to make a top to go with it.  I found a free Oliver+S pattern for a little sundress and decided that would work.  I printed the pattern and I could have finished it in one afternoon, if I had been able to work interruption free.  Ha!!  Is there such a thing?  Definitely not!  That's okay though.  I prayed long and hard for these "interrupters".  This pattern was super easy.  I strayed a little bit simply because I didn't have enough of the contrasting fabric, but it worked out fine.

It's a little to wide for Kate, but no big deal.  All I have to do is hem it.

While we were touring one of the old homes in Mississippi, I saw a book that I had heard about a long time ago and so when we got home, I checked it out at the library.  An Affair With A House, is a huge coffee table type of book about the author's weekend home.  I will never have a full time home like this, nor do I know anyone who does.  It's nothing short of amazing!  I guess if you were in the wrong kind of mood this could breed some major discontent, but I enjoyed reading about the house and the renovations they did.  It was a nice, easy, relaxing read.

The author has an amazing, sort of ridiculous, amount of dishes.  She said something like, You eat everyday, why would you want to eat every meal off of the same plates?  I laughed out loud.  I know a certain women that would totally agree with her! :)


  1. Lovely top :) You need to have it modelled ;)

  2. That's the perfect summer dress. You will be able to toss it on her and she will look perfect and cool in an instant.

    I have a hard time with home decorating books and magazines...I think, who are these people and where do they get their money? It's uncharitable of me, I know.

    my url isn't on my google about page, so I'll put it here, if you'd like to visit:

  3. What a sweet little top to go with her skirt! I found you through "needle and thREAD" and this is my project this week:

  4. Great job on the top! I can picture Kate in it. ;)

    And as for the dishes... one can dream about such frivolity, right? (I loved the way the author stored those beautiful dishes...)