Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Weekend Gratitude

We had a very nice weekend together.  I didn't have to work, we had no commitments to be anywhere and it was really nice.  It was the first weekend we've had like that in quite a while.

Saturday, I had grand plans for all that we would get done outside.  We got a pretty good start, but the rain came around lunch time.  We worked and mowed while it sprinkled, but once we heard thunder, that was the end of that!

Sunday we went to our favorite place for lunch.  New India!  We have to drive about 30 minutes to get there, but it is so worth it!  After living in Indianapolis for 16 years and getting used to all the yummy, ethnic places where we love to eat, we would be hard pressed to give those up after moving to the country.

I am thankful for......
426.  God's protection over our family.  We were almost hit by a driver who ran a 4-way stop on our way to church Sunday.   

427.  Working together as a family.

428.  Watching Callie drive the mower while Cameron watched and laughing at all the spots she was missing.

429.  A day of rest.

430.  My favorite food on Sunday, and the fact that I didn't have to cook it or clean it up!

431.  The promise of a weekend away coming up.  Cameron and I are going to our first home school convention.  After 6 years of home schooling, I guess it's about time!

432.  My hardworking husband.

433.  Callie cooking.  She's pretty good.

434.  Kate singing.  Oh how she loves to hum and sing.  After awhile it might drive some people crazy, but I love it.  Callie doesn't remember that she used to do the same thing and drive some people crazy too.  But I never made her stop.

435.  The fact that I am excited to plan our next school year.  Last year, I could hardly stand to think about the next year!  Last night, I stayed up until midnight doing a little planning for the girls.  Except for last year, I love the planning!!

436.  The Boone County Humane Society.  Never thought much about them, but when I made a call about the kitties, they came through with a home for them!  I felt really guilty because of Kate, but oh, the weight off of my mind!  I'll get over the guilt.  Sorry Kate.
437.  Yummy "soup".  Kate can cook too. ;)  Dandelion soup.

I started this post Sunday night!  I am thankful for a busy, full life.  I haven't been bored since the day Callie was born!

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