Monday, March 25, 2013

In Like a Lion, Out Like a ?

Well I'm sure there are more exciting things to blog about than the weather, but I just can't get over it.  Try as I might to be grumpy about the cold and lack of spring flowers, I just can't.  Tons of snow (I don't know the exact amount, well over 6 inches probably more and it's still coming down) on March 25th is just so surprising that I can't help but laugh and of course the girls are loving it.  March only has a few days left to turn into a lamb!

Saturday it looked like this...


Yesterday was Palm Sunday.  Kate and I had to stay home as she has been sick again, but Callie brought her a "palm" branch.  I found it like this on the table this morning by the stack of Easter books.

I tried to treat this morning like any other morning, but it was no good.  We will do some school work, but who can concentrate with all this snow.  We let the girls sleep downstairs last night and all those blankets were just begging to made into a "house".  Callie has quite a stack of books to read to Kate.  We'll see how long Kate lasts. :)

Cameron was hoping for a snow emergency in Boone County, but no such luck.  He has been working up at Purdue a lot and they are open today too, so off he goes.  With no coat, as usual!  He's crazy.

The way it blows and drifts out here, some spots look bare while others can be up to your knees.

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