Thursday, March 3, 2016

"It's Granny and Poppy Day"

These were the first words out of Kate's mouth this morning. 

Cameron's parents are moving to Indiana today.  This move has been the topic of discussion for a couple of years, maybe more.  Today it is finally happening.  Granny and Poppy are going to be Yankees!  LOL  {I promise to never say that again Poppy!}

We are entering a new era today.  We will actually have family living in the same town as we do.  I just realized, I have not lived in the same town as any extended family since I was a toddler. 

Kate is beside herself with excitement.  She and Callie both keep talking about how we can see them  whenever we want to now, "until the day we die!" Kate says with a big grin.  She cracks me up and then asks why I'm laughing.   Apparently it just boggles her mind that when we go to their house it will be only a few minutes away.   She just talks and talks and talks about it.

The girls are going to miss the house in Mississippi, and the walks through their neighborhood, but maybe not the long drive.  I'm sure Granny and Poppy have a lot of mixed emotions today.  They've lived in the same town for more than 30 years and never North of the Mason Dixon line.  Granny hates snow, but we are determined to help her see the beauty in it! ;)  Ironically, it was snowing this morning and I couldn't help but laugh.  I promise I didn't pray for it Granny! 

I'm excited about helping them unpack and set up house.  And I really hope they'll let me tag along when they go visit the FL family.  Shoot, I'll drive them down there!  {HINT, HINT}

Welcome Granny and Poppy!  We're glad you're here!!

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  1. We are glad you are here too! I'm sure we will be seeing you soon!!