Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Spring Break 2016

Well I got on here today to blog about yesterday and realized I had not finished the Spring Break post.  I think there were computer issues and then I just forgot.

It just isn't Spring with out the Cousin Sleepover.  Girls that is.  Poor boys.  We really should make it up to them somehow.

So.  Four young ladies, two sisters, three malls, Target, and Walmart and TJ Max in 48 hours.  As always, it was a blast!  We just have to get the other sister up here too! 

These girls are amazing shoppers.  None of us go with unlimited funds and so decisions must be made.  Watching them narrow down all the choices and decide what is the best use of their dollars and sometimes even choosing to buy for others, I am always impressed.  They encourage each other, except when the sugar overload begins and they start with the "Your mama" jokes!  They laugh and giggle and beg for ice cream and every minute is a joy!

I love you girls!!!

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